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Real Testimonials for Oliver Cloutier

Don't take our word for it. Shawn Michael Graves and the Oliver Cloutier Interiors team are incredible. Passion for their craft blends with personal confidence and composure — much needed attributes to create style and conquer design challenges.

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Tyler City Penthouse Project

I would like to say that the opportunity to work with Shawn Graves and the rest of his team at Oliver Cloutier Interiors is an absolute dream come true! I met Shawn shortly after buying a new penthouse in Fort Lauderdale Florida directly on the Intracoastal with amazing views to the east, south, and west. The space was completely raw and unfinished with approximately 4,300 sq. ft inside along with two terraces totaling approximately 1,500 sq. ft. There was no kitchen, and the existing walls rendered the space awkward. Basically, the interior architecture was just bad, and it was very difficult to imagine what its potential really was.

After meeting with Shawn, I could tell immediately that he was the designer that I wanted to work with, and I have never been happier with a decision. Shawn is brilliant and so gifted. He immediately saw past the bad architecture and envisioned a beautiful much more elegant and functional layout. His plans are so detailed and precise matching the detail and quality of any architectural plans I have ever seen. We encountered several unforeseen issues, particularly for brand new construction that resulted in the need to demolish and rebuild all the bathrooms among other things. We also went through the pandemic throughout most of our project. Shawn not only expertly navigated the way through all the related issues, but he also made it seem very nearly effortless. Shawn has a wonderful way about him that exudes confidence, calm, and passion for his craft, but without any drama or creating any worry for his clients. I so apricated all these qualities about Shawn and so many more throughout the entire process, particularly with what was going on in the world around us.

The end product is not only absolutely gorgeous and stunning but is also a true reflection of my style and way of life. Shawn has such a talent for getting to know you and creating a stunning design that if anything actually betters you as a person and your individual lifestyle and taste. Everyone who sees my home just can’t say enough about how much they love it and how they can’t believe it is the same place that they saw before we began the buildout. Shawn thinks of absolutely everything and the result is just exceptional in every way including seemingly endless amounts of storage so cleverly designed into every room. Another comment I constantly get is how Shawn did such an amazing job, how gorgeous it all turned out, yet it still looks like me and my taste.

The rest of the team at Oliver Cloutier Interiors is also just amazing. They are always so pleasant amazingly organized and helpful. They like Shawn have this very special way about them where even though I know they are actually very busy and have many balls in the air when you are speaking with them, they make you feel as though you are the only person they are working with, and they have as much time as you need. What a wonderful talent and so unusual and surprising in today’s so busy world!

Now that my project is completed, my only regret is that I can’t immediately start a new project with Shawn and the rest of the Oliver Cloutier Interiors team! Oh well, maybe another day not too far from now, I hope.

Tyler City Penthouse


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Gail & Gary Garden Villa Project

Soon after we selected our new home at the Alina early last spring, the head of marketing recommended several decorators who could help us furnish it. We chose Oliver Cloutier Interiors, of which Shawn Graves is the Principal and Stephen Jackson is the Director of Operations. I enjoyed talking with three different references who all said Shawn Graves is wonderful to work with and we love what he has designed for them. We have worked with Shawn and his team for nine months and moved into a 99% finished home in December.

Now, while many of our neighbors are still waiting for their furniture to be delivered, we are appreciating his creativity and execution as well as his team's attention to detail. Although I'd describe Shawn and Stephen as perfectionists, they also understand that sometimes substitutions can be found when a beautiful choice is going to be delayed indefinitely, and they hunt for new options that fit the bill. For that reason, we are able to enjoy our first winter in Boca Raton in comfort and surrounded by beauty.

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Thank you Shawn and crew for all of our beautiful homes--my daughter's condo, my son's condo, and our three-story penthouse in the sky that was a block of cement when we purchased it and is now our new home in Boca. Your creativity always inspires a sense of amazement. I am still walking around more pleased every day. You and your staff are so professional and always available. After all of these years, I can call you a fantastic designer and also a special friend. Any new client is free to call me any time. All my best for continued success in all you do.

John & Judy

John and I cannot express how ecstatic we are with how you worked your magic to make our bare bones condo into our dream home!

We were so impressed during our first meeting that you wanted to sit down and listen to our likes and dislikes, and we felt that you immediately "got us" and what direction we wanted to go. It was so important to us that we be involved in the process and you made it such a fun ride for a year and a half!

Your expert direction and originality with design styles, fabrics, furniture, and color palette made it all come together so beautifully. Many of our favorite furniture pieces are unique to your own original design--seen nowhere else--and we couldn't be more proud to show them off. It's truly a timeless design and we continue to find little features here and there that surprise us and make us wonder how in the world you thought of it and then incorporated it into the final design--like the distressed layer of granite above the fireplace, the fabric screen behind the master bed, and the "slide" faucet in the powder room!

You were there for us on the entire journey with answers and solutions to our questions, and you always made time for us to meet and peruse the progress in person. We don't know how to thank you for all that you have done for us--we feel so fortunate and are so happy to know that we have made a good friend along the way.

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