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We were referred to our client through six degrees of separation. We knew little about the project and the client knew little about us. After a short introductory meeting over coffee, we knew we had been selected to do the project over some very prestigious firms whom the client had interviewed.

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A Challenge. A Dream Job.

The project’s scope had many challenges. And those challenges met every one of our credentials to overcome them. One of our fortes is receiving a property unfinished; basically, a concrete box with some white walls, many of them needing demolition or modifications.

City Penthouse Design

The client was savvy enough to know that he did not want the developer's finishes. He negotiated the sale of the unit with makeshift bathrooms and a throwaway kitchen — no flooring, no doors. Some of the exterior walls still showed the exposed concrete of the structure. It was a challenge focused on interior architecture, a.k.a. our dream job.

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Taking in the Views

The penthouse is situated on a widened part of the intracoastal of Fort Lauderdale, as it nears the termination into the Atlantic Ocean. A narrow stretch of land across the location to the east consists of a protected state park, Ocean Boulevard, and the gorgeous beach of Fort Lauderdale.

Upon entering the unit, you can now see the western views that encompass views of downtown Miami and the Everglades. But this view was originally blocked by a wall dividing the space between kitchen and family room from the main entry, dining, and living areas.

Master Bedroom

We took all the fatal flaws of the unit and converted them into strengths. A wall was removed to open western views to the eastern views. The entry to the master was relocated from the center of the main living room to its new location, as a set of double doors against the eastern stretch of exterior windows. This doubled the view of the coast while giving the master bedroom a more private and widened entry.

Customized Design

The entry foyer was completely demolished and reconfigured as a grander space, fitted with a double wide floor-to-ceiling pivot entry door and a sliver of glass wall embedded into the millwork to showcase an early peek to the eastern view of the ocean.

The master bath originally had two opposing miniature vanity areas adjacent to separated shower stalls that were small by hotel room standards. We reinvented the space to give the penthouse its spa influenced master bathroom it demanded.

Yin Yang Smart Design

The client requested the warm tones of American walnut as the main millwork finish. As a bachelor, he wanted a space to reflect his personal taste with the future option to modify into someone else’s tastes and needs. This is not an easy task to undertake. What we created was a masculine interior but with a softness that is neither feminine nor masculine, but rather refined and timeless. Easy to add to or subtract from, the space is finished yet still open to change and easily done through smart design.

Enduring the Test of Guests

The client entertains large groups several times a year. Endurance of materials was essential. We selected imported Italian large format porcelain marble tile that was installed on a mud bed and butt jointed. Polished by choice, the tile accentuates the quiet glamour of the design which is offset and balanced by matte and tactile elements of wood, leather, metal, crystal, and linen.

Our Final Touches

Paying homage to our company’s motto that the decorative lighting in a home is its jewelry, we commissioned our custom lighting source to hand forge and create fixtures sized and designed exact to the space. Again, playing off the masculine to the feminine without tilting the scale.

We selected all the artwork, accessories, and bedding for our client. Another layer of expertise offered by our company upon request. And we welcome the request to complete the vision. The client, upon installation, needed only his suitcase and toiletries to enjoy his first night at home.